Horizon Group is the first Asian yacht builder to utilize dedicated subsidiary shipyards and their specialized practices in manufacturing yachts. This structure was created by Group CEO John Lu, who wanted an efficient way to increase the shipyard’s capability and enhance the overall build operation of yachts. With Lu’s group structure, the shipyards can effectively integrate and expand upon each other’s ideas and resources.

Each shipyard is specialized in its distinct field in order to improve operative efficiency and maintain consistent quality. Under the Horizon Group, Vision Yachts produces smaller sized yachts, Horizon Yacht produces medium to large-sized yachts, and Premier Yacht produces customized and classed luxury megayachts. The fourth and final component, Atech Composites, focuses on creating stronger and lighter hulls for the three shipyards.

A cross-platform Management Center was also created by Horizon Group to supervise the resources and services within each shipyard, including the Delivery Center, Mold Center, Human Resources Center, Marketing Center, and IT Center. This high degree of organization and management enables Horizon to effectively develop a large collection of the world’s most popular models from 52 to 150 feet.