Atech Atech Composites, founded in 2000, is responsible for providing all composite hulls, decks and superstructures to the three Horizon Group shipyards. Atech has 210 employees with a 24,900 square-foot lamination facility certified for meeting ISO 9001:2008 standards through DNV. Every DNV operation procedure ensures Horizon’s hull quality.

Atech’s facility is also the first FRP corporation in Asia to obtain a licensing authorization for the patented SCRIMP technology (Seemann’s Composites Resin Infusion Molding Process). SCRIMP allows Atech to laminate each hull in one shot, including the stringer system, giving the finished product more strength and durability without compromising weight or performance.

To ensure consistent quality in each hull, Atech retains a high-level, technical R&D team as well as a multi-purpose 10-ton Material Testing Machine to verify the mechanical properties of the composite materials it supplies. In addition, Atech is able to test the fiberglass content of composite materials and perform comprehensive new product testing at its in-house laboratory.

In recent years, Atech has also applied its accumulated experience in composite materials to another business field - manufacturing and repairing blades of wind turbine with the GL certificate.