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Horizon understands that a stylish and comfortable living space are major elements of a quality yacht, which is why we are invested in every detail of our customer’s yachts. Horizon collaborates with industry-recognized interior designers dedicated to creating customized interior spaces, and clients are always welcome to share their personal design styles as well as request special arrangements to suit their own lifestyle needs.

The international interior designers include:

Tommaso Spadolini

Renowned Italian naval architect Tommaso Spadolini works closely with Horizon as well as with other leading architects around the globe for various successful projects. As a master of interior yacht design, Tommaso has worked with Horizon on numerous yachts featuring an Italian interior style.

Sylvia Bolton Design

Sylvia Bolton Design is an international design firm headquartered in Seattle, Washington. They design yacht interiors for clients and World Class Boat Builders throughout North America, Europe and Asia. They are appropriately located on Salmon Bay, home to many yachting services.

Guido de Groot Design
Guido de Groot’s Design not only works on yacht interiors, but many of the projects combine interior and exterior design. The sizes and types of yacht also range from a 20 meter sail boat through to a 65 meter exploration luxury yacht, and including fast motor cruisers and more sedate displacement yachts. Guido de Groot has worked with Horizon on numerous yachts.

David Buffery (Sketch Company)
Sketch Company was formed with the sole intention of servicing high-end projects of particular interest, diversity and especially in terms of location and subject. David Buffery, creative director in Sketch, has been worked with Horizon with the interior design of many yacht models.

Tia Simo (BYD Group)
BYD Group produces general interior layouts, agenerally in 2D, to further optimize the avaiable spaces in 3D, with the rest of the yacht components. Together with the client BYD Group can develop any kind of interior styling from preliminary color concept illustrations in the earlier stages to well detailed 3D model to produce construction drawings.

Uchiyama Design, Inc.
Uchiyama Design, Inc., is the International Yacht Design firm in Japan, which is specialized in the interior architect of bespoke Motor Yacht design using the special knowledge of boat interior construction based upon the understanding of the complex of Mega Yacht construction. Uchiyama Design has been work with Horizon for many yachts interior design, and provides the best service for Horizon owners with HORIZON Yacht quality.

Mr. Hus and Mr. Li, the creative directors of the TWA Design, are specialized in listening the customer demands to integrate the esthetics and the rational construction concept. With the conformity construction, indoor, equipments, furniture to innovate manner of creation, the unique design atmosphere and esthetics savors provides the owners of Horizon a limitless interior design imagination beyond the traditional style.

Luca Dini Design
Luca Dini of Luca Dini Design, based out of Florence, Italy, is well-known for his extensive interior design and naval architecture expertise within the yachting industry. Dini has collaborated with Horizon Yachts on several yacht projects over 100 feet – his clean exterior style lines and fresh, contemporary interior ideas bring a taste of modern luxury to every Horizon yacht he touches.