Excellent Engineering
  • Class Construction
  • Performance

Flexibility in design and construction is one of the distinctive features that sets Horizon apart as a yacht builder and allows the customization of each yacht to fit the individual owner’s lifestyle. Horizon’s ability to create customized yachts is a direct result of our highly talented and dedicated team members that includes the following:

  • 30 with Master’s degrees in Naval Architecture
  • 50 with Bachelor of Naval Architecture degrees
  • 65 full-time front-line engineers with college degrees in specialized fields
  • An in-house interior design team that helps each owner detail and personalize their new Horizon, with flexibility and creativity as the key driving forces.
  • Hundreds of workers with more than 20 years experience, all with an unrivalled commitment to quality and integrity
  • Over 1,000 employees with abundant and relevant experience, qualified to build to DNV (HSLC) class certification and MCA compliance

  • With this experienced team, Horizon constructs safe, durable and unique yachts that meet our client’s most demanding requirements. To date, Horizon has delivered over 770 yachts – more than 190 of these vessels are over 80 feet in length– and no two of these Horizon yachts are exactly alike.  Each yacht reflects its owner’s lifestyle and personality and is created with the care and dedication only achievable by a team of experts who are committed to customer satisfaction and long term industry success.