• Tank Test
  • Material Test
  • Sea Trial
  • ERP Management System

Horizon’s commitment to high-quality vessels guarantees state-of-the-art design, exceptional finish, and safe cruising ability. With Horizon’s quality assurance system, every vessel is subject to stringent, continuous inspections at every stage of the build, from initial lay-up, fit and finish to the engineering systems. Beginning with the earliest design stage, various tests are implemented to examine the build and make sure the vessel meets specific requirements before proceeding to the next stage. The tank test checks the hull design, stability and integrity; the material tests confirm the hull strength; the sea trial ensures the performance, durability and safety; the power and equipment setup before delivery assures delivery of vessels with fully operational systems; and the ERP computer system carefully and efficiently manages this process for every yacht built, ensuring no step is missed.  

In addition, each of the four Horizon facilities are independently ISO 9002 approved, utilizing the most advanced technologies to assure quality in every production process. With over 30 years of accumulated naval architecture skill and yacht building experience, Horizon’s quality is enjoyed by many new and returning clients and is recognized by the world’s major classification societies, including Lloyd’s Register (LR), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Nippon Kaij Kyokai (NK) and many more. Horizon is currently the only yacht builder in Asia that has obtained full DNV Class Classifications. Building to class has become a standard process in Horizon’s manufacturing, especially on the custom megayacht P Series vessels. Owning a Horizon will provide not only a distinguished yachting lifestyle but also peace of mind when out on the open sea.