State-of-the-art Facilities
  • Dry Dock
  • Leaking Test
  • Dust-proof Environment Paint Shop
  • Dust Control Equipment
  • Float on/off Launch Barge
  • Hydraulic Steering Trailer

Every yacht is created from a mold, and it is the quality of the mold that determines the outcome of the final product. To ensure the best and most accurate molds possible, Horizon owns a professional CNC shop dedicated to providing precise molds for each shipyard to use in building our yachts. Our CNC shop enforces stringent guidelines, including:

1. Performance evaluation:
Prior to producing a mold, yacht designs have to go through a series of calculation and verification assessments. Horizon's CNC shop studies and evaluates the speed, stability and resistance according to boat models' cruising area as well as the seaworthiness of the design. The performance evaluation must meet strict requirements before the new model can actually be put into production.

2. Mold design and manufacturability assessment:
In recent years, exterior yacht styles have become highly diverse, with more detailed shapes and lines, and designers now endeavor to develop yacht styles with unique aesthetics; however, the possible manufacturing complications of these designs are often overlooked. The responsibility and mission of Horizon's CNC shop is to carefully determine how to divide and combine the molds according to their distinct shapes, while also considering how the mold can be produced according to the design without affecting the shape condition.

3. Mold production:
Horizon's CNC shop utilizes advanced 3D computer - aided design software to construct our molds. With our computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), every detailed shape can be drawn out by the computer and in accordance with the designer's ideas. In addition to output complex and curved lines, CAM also ensures that each yacht component is accurately produced to the highest degree of quality.