The 5 Most Popular Horizon Videos of 2018


Experience the Horizon lifestyle, yachts, and events of the last 12 months !

As 2018 comes to a close, we present five most viewed Horizon videos that define the Horizon experience and punctuate an excellent year.

5 - Horizon FD85 Video
From the design studio of Cor D. Rover and Horizon Yachts, The FD series is known for its contemporary lines, flexible cruising speeds, and tremendous interior volume, which has attracted the attention of many seasoned owners and resulted in new build orders. The FD85 is the first yacht in the Horizon FD Series, which quickly expanded to accommodate the growing demand for larger and smaller versions.

4 - Horizon V68
Created in collaboration with world-renowned designer Jonathan Quinn Barnett, the V68 has been planned throughout with spacious accommodations, wide side decks, and a voluminous interior.

3 - 2018 Horizon Open House Quick Review
Horizon kicked off the New Year with the launch of the brand new FD87 Skyline and Horizon V68 models at the 2018 Horizon Open House. This event draws our friends, partners and clients from around the world to the Horizon City Marina in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, for three entertainment-packed days of VIP factory tours, yacht visits and gala dinners.

2 - Horizon FD87 Skyline Video
In order to accommodate the growing demand for a larger version in the Fast Displacement Series, the new Horizon FD87 Skyline was born. Springing from the eye-catching FD85, the FD87 Skyline retains many of the FD85’s unique features. Additionally, The FD87 Skyline offers a new bow design — the “High Performance Piercing Bow” (HPPB) — which provides both efficiency at slower speeds and performance at higher speeds.

1 - Horizon - The Beauty of Kaohsiung
At the 2018 Horizon Yachts Open House, the company unveiled a video about Kaohsiung City – Horizon’s hometown. For over 30 years Horizon has helped nurture and thrived in this wonderful city, becoming a globally recognized luxury yacht brand and building over 820 luxury yachts since opening its doors. We are proud to hail from Kaohsiung and created this video to celebrate the splendor of the city.

To our friends and clients, we extend our deepest gratitude. As we head into another New Year, we look forward to continued growth and success — which our supporters help make possible every year. We wish everyone a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

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